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AppsFree Freckles Sep 23rd 2012
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The UpTo App: Keep The Track On Your Busy Life


If you live a busy life and your lifestyle is pretty hectic, then you know that sometimes its hard to keep the track on all of the things you have to do and events or meetings you need to visit. There are times when you focus on your work and completely forget about some family event, your friend’s birthday or night out with pals that they’ve been planning for days. If you this sounds painfully familiar, then you need to check out the UpTo app. It keeps track on upcoming meeting and events by tracing them on Facebook, your iPhone or iPad calendar and it even informs you about a holiday that people all over the world celebrate.

What is UpTo capable of?

The synс feature is a star of the UpTo as it syncs not only iPhone/iPad calendar, but also it connects with the Google Calendar and Outlook. Tie your Facebook account to UpTO and will always know how busy your days are and you will be never lost in time.

The UpTo app presents your event and meeting schedule in a calendar view using color coding to show you how bus your week or moths are going to be. If you day is presented in a white color, then this day is completely free, however, if your days are presented in a amber, yellow, green colors – then these day are busy, while red color  indicates an extremely busy day. In order to get more details about events planned for the day, you simply need to touch it. Additional information includes the time, people who are going to be there and location, all in a very convenient format.

Additional features to enjoy

The UpTo app also provides a custom group feature so that your work life won’t get in the way of your family or friends events. You can also use UpTo as a social networking app to stay in touch with your friends and you will know what’s going on in each other lives. These are nice additional features of the app with already strong functionality.

Choosing theme of the event

The UpTo app even allows you to choose the theme of the event. Just tap the screen and you will be able to add information like TV shows schedule, movies release dates or holidays of a certain country (which can be useful if you have friends from other country or you are currently living abroad).

Final thoughts

Overall, the UpTo app is a very handful app that people with busy lives can benefit from. It does have some issues related to instability of Facebook integration. Hopefully, future updates will solve this problem. UpTo is easy to navigate and it’s pretty to look at. You can download the UpTo app from the App Store for free.




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