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News Antare Jun 18th 2012
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Mobile Panic Buttons on Your iPhone

MyForce is a subscription-based panic button app which, however, offers you a solution in emergency situations. Once you’ve notified the MyForce team, you can expect real help.

MyForce is a brand new USA-based app that allows you to transmit a panic signal from your mobile device. It is claimed to be the most effective solution in emergency situations. The only disadvantage of the app is that it is subscription-based.

MyForce is one of the existing emergency apps, such as Like Silent Bodyguard or Red Panic Button. While the latter send panic signals to the user’s mobile connections, MyForce transmits them to special alarm monitors who evaluate an emergency and, once it is validated, connect with 911.

The app also records audio, once the button is pressed. The broadcast sound is what is being evaluated by the monitors in 50 states and analyzed then. Also, these monitors can get access to users’ personal information in order to analyze their previous experiences of violence or abuse, and also the possibility of different health threats.

MyForce are also partners with several universities in Colorado, Massachusetts and California, so that the program can maintain security in the student environment.

The only issue that remains in question is whether mobile clients are ready to pay for the possibility of getting help in an emergency situation.



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