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GamesFree Antare Aug 15th 2012
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Gnome Village: Another Wondrous Adventure from Disney Games

Gnome Village, an adventure game developed by Playdrom, is produced by Disney, whose games deserve a lot of attention because of both their quality and colorfulness. Get ready to build, explore, and rescue along with lovely creatures!

Disney’s Gnome Village

The magic realm of Gnome Kingdom is in danger: its inhabitants have been captured by an Evil Gnome, and it’s up to you to revive the kingdom and free its magical folk. The story of the game is not an original one: it’s always someone who needs to be saved in most of them. It is the combination of different activities that make this one different: you build, explore, save, and complete missions. Cute graphics and lovely characters do the rest.

Price: Free
Current Version: 1.3.12 (August 7, 2012)
Genre: Games, Adventure game, Building game
Developer: Playdom / Disney
System Required: iOS 4.0 or later
Rating (App Store): 4

How It’s Played

Building a village is exciting on its own. You buy items by going to the market, and you can use them when reviving your village . There are different kinds of things you can get, including: veggies, bushes, creatures, decorations (such as flowers, or a picnic table), and buildings.
Earning. Every item costs a certain amount of coins: for example, in a category Decorations, a picnic table is the most expensive of the three items. Still, when you perform some action, you earn either silver coins (money) or golden stars (experience). You can also get other useful items like wood or foods for performing activities in your village (by tapping at objects for harvesting or clearing).
Exploring and saving. At the beginning of the game, a rabbit-protagonist Botkin is trapped inside a box, and his buddies are scattered in the forest. By tapping at the forest’s thorny edges, you can explore what’s inside it. Exploring means unlocking more lands and finding more creatures trapped in the boxes, just like Botkin has been.

What You Need. In the game, you need to do something all the time. You cannot just take a rest and simply enjoy your farm and forest around it: there are quests waiting for you, rewards to be earned, and creatures to be saved. So, prepare to tap at everything you see on the screen and in your menu.

Gnome Village: Botkin trapped Gnome Village: Save Botkin


  • Build a wonderful Gnome Village
  • Explore the Enchanted Forest
  • Rescue more than 20 lovely forest creatures from the Evil Gnome
  • Complete hundreds of mini-quests while building and exploring
  • Unveil the entire Gnome Kingdom

See the review and a bit of Gnome Village gameplay on our YouTube channel:

Pros and Cons

Pros: a lovely adventure game with cute graphics and adorable characters; a lot of activity is required from the player.

Cons: the game is too simple and lacks originality.

Have you already played a wonderful Disney’s puzzle-adventure Where’s My Water? where you need to help a little alligator take a shower? Or have you sought hidden secrets and solved mysteries of the enigmatic Time Society in Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time? Look for other Disney games on our website if you’ve liked these ones!

Download Gnome Village


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